Digital Plate Bearing Test Apparatus (BS 5049)
Digital Plate Bearing Test Apparatus (BS 5049) SOIL Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | BSGS SCIENTIFIC

Plate Bearing Test Apparatus allows quick and easy setup at site with its innovative retractable datum bar. The datum bar is light and very stable and can be extended and retracted to suite the site setup.
The design also allows the use of only a single gauge as opposed to conventional methods which requires 4 gauges on the load plate edges to get the average. This single gauge setup is able to measure the deflection or the settlement right from the center of the plate eliminating the tedious task to setup and read from the conventional 4 gauges while still conforming to the standards.
The load reading is taken by a digital unit which portable. The unit has a built in battery which can be recharged prior to use at site. The battery last for 72 hours.

Technical Specifications
Model Number BS 5049
Product Standard ASTM D1194/D1195, BS1377:Part 9
Weight -
The Apparatus Comprises The Following Accessories:-
BS 5049-01 Retractable Datum Bar
BS 5049-02 Single Gauge Central Jig
BS 5049-03 Hydraulic Jack with pump, 20 ton, 50 ton
BS 5049-05 Digital Load Indicator with Force Sensor
BS 5049-06 Dial Gauge 50mm x 0.01mm
BS 5049-07 300mm diameter Plate
BS 5049-08 600mm diameter Plate
BS 5049-09 900mm diameter Plate
BS 5049-010 1 meter square Plate
BS 5049-011 Extension rods 300mm x 3 units

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