Shrinkage Limit Set (BS 5030)
Shrinkage Limit Set (BS 5030) SOIL Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | BSGS SCIENTIFIC

Shrinkage Limit Set consists of a selection of items needed to performshrinkage limit testing, per ASTM and AASHTO testing standards.

Technical Specifications
Model Number BS 5030
Product Standard ASTM D427, AASHTO T92, UNE 103-108 UNI 10014, NF XP94-060-1
Weight Approx 2.5 kg
The Apparatus Comprises The Following Parts:-
BS 5030-01 Shrinkage Dish 45 mm dia. x 12.7 mm high (Q.ty 2)
BS 5030-02 Crystallising Dish 57 mm dia. x 31 mm deep
BS 5030-03 Shrinkage prong plate. Manufactured from transparent acrylic and fitted with 3 metal prongs
BS 5030-04 Evaporating dish
BS 5030-05 Graduated cylinder 25 ml
BS 5030-06 Spatula
BS 5030-07 Plastic carrying case

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