Vibrating Compaction Hammer (BS 5021)
Vibrating Compaction Hammer (BS 5021)                                                                      SOIL Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | BSGS SCIENTIFIC

This Vibrating Compaction Hammer are used for the compaction of Proctor and CBR soil specimen. By changing appropriate tamping foot it can also used for compacting concrete cube or beam specimens and for compacting asphalt in the percentage refusal density test (PRD TEST).

Technical Specifications
Model Number BS 5021
Product Standard BS 1881:4/1924:2/1377:4
Impact Rate 2800/min
Weight 4.9 kg
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 1050 W
The Apparatus Comprises The Following Accessories:-
BS 5021-01 Support Frame 33 kg
BS 5021-02 CBR Tamping Foot 145 mm dia. 2.5 kg
BS 5021-03 Proctor Tamping Foot 1.2
BS 5021-04 Distance Of Centering Disc to sg. base 50 mm (Unconfined Test) 3.6 kg
BS 5021-05 Distance Of Centering Disc to sg. base 100 mm (Unconfined Test) 3.6 kg
BS 5021-06 Distance Of Centering Disc to sg. base 150 mm (Unconfined Test) 3.6 kg
BS 5021-07 Concrete Tamping Foot 75 x 50 mm 0.8 kg
BS 5021-08 Concrete Tamping Foot 140 x 100 mm 2.5 kg
BS 5021-09 Rubber Head Vibrating Tool 1.8 kg
BS 5021-10 300 mm Steel Shank 0.7 kg

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